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About Us

The company "OVC-Montaj" - specializes in the supply, installation, maintenance and repair, a variety of ventilation and air conditioning equipment for residential, civil and industrial facilities.

The company has experienced and competent engineering and technical personnel, which, along with highly qualified production workers, makes up a professional team of like-minded people who are able to solve the most complex and large-scale tasks of equipping construction and reconstruction facilities with reliable and modern air conditioning and ventilation systems.

One of the main activities of the company in recent years has been the arrangement of fire and general exchange exhaust ventilation of residential high-rise complexes.

Extensive accumulated experience in the field of equipment supply and installation of fire and general exhaust ventilation systems, as well as the lowest prices for direct delivery from the manufacturer to certified factory-assembled ventilation equipment. allowed us for 8 years to cooperate with such well-known construction companies as Glorinal, Lagmar Impex, Ex-Factor, Reconscivil, Orizont, Stilconstruct, Basconslux, Ecosem, Turkish developers.

The company has at its disposal a powerful production base equipped with modern high-performance equipment for sheet metal processing, which allows manufacturing and assembling air ducts, fittings and components for assembling ventilation systems with quality that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer.

The installation site of the company is able to perform work on laying ducts of any complexity. In addition, there is a team for the installation of various equipment for air conditioning: split systems of various configurations, chillers, central air conditioners, rooftops and more.

The company was founded in the summer of 2007. The founder was a qualified engineer and manager with considerable experience in several large companies, well known in the climate market of the Republic of Moldova.

It all started with an administration team of three people and a small production site, where several workers were engaged in the manufacture, assembly and installation of parts of air ducts. As it entered the competitive Moldovan market, the company strengthened and expanded. Thanks to high-quality and operational work, the company gained a positive reputation, became known among potential customers. A few years later, modern equipment was purchased for bending, cutting and precision cutting of metal sheets, due to which it was possible to reduce prices and increase the range of products and services.

In 2017, an automatic production line for the production of spiral-wound round ducts, which are currently widely used for laying ventilation networks, was acquired. For the manufacture of shaped parts, the line is supplemented by equipment for plasma cutting of a metal sheet according to specified parameters.

Currently, OVC-Montaj has firmly taken one of the leading positions in the climate market of the Republic of Moldova. We are valued according to our deserts and respected for professionalism and decency by colleagues, competitors, customers, and allies. The company is a distributor and cooperates with well-known and reputable manufacturers of HVAC equipment from countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey. Constant customers of our products and services are such construction companies as:

Quality and timeliness, honesty, competence and responsibility are what OVC-Montaj tries to stand out in the conditions of a high level of competition in the Moldavian climate technology market. For us, reputation is not an empty phrase, but a well-deserved assessment of the many years of work of the entire close-knit and highly professional team.

The company's future plans include expanding its presence in the construction market of the Republic of Moldova, acquiring its own production facilities, increasing the number of direct customers - building general contracting organizations, searching for new forms of cooperation and ways for further expansion into the climate services market, constantly improving production processes, increasing the assortment and the quality of the services provided, the continuous strengthening of the production base, which will undoubtedly benefit of the entire construction industry in the Republic of Moldova.